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City Directory Research – A White Paper

It took us over 18 months and numerous hours of deliberation and discussion, and now it’s finally here and available for everyone’s use:

This white paper was developed by several of us on the ASTM E1527 Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Task Group, each a member who actively participated in the historical resources focus group.

As stated by Julie Kilgore, ASTM E1527 Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Task Group Chair:

This valuable and informative resource has wide applicability to our industry, both for seasoned practitioners seeking insight from the Task Group’s industry outreach effort, as well as for less experienced assessors who will benefit from the detailed guidance included. Review and incorporation of the guidance provided [in the white paper] will aid in achieving the objective of good commercial and customary practice in quality Phase I Environmental Site Assessments.”

It was an honor and a pleasure working with Hank Burnham, Jeri Massengill, Georgina Dannatt, and Elizabeth Krol to prepare this white paper.

Thank you also to Julie Kilgore for contributing the paper’s forward and for her dedicated and continued support.


Chemmie Sokolic is Principal at the FalconRE Group. Chemmie Sokolic is the Principal of the Falcon Real Estate Group, and is an industry leader in the commercial and industrial real estate due diligence field, with more than 22 years’ experience. He has conducted over 1,000 due diligence assessments, inspections, and reviews at a diverse array of properties, from multi-family residences, retail complexes, and real estate portfolios, to larger and more extensive industrial, commercial, and manufacturing facilities.

Chemmie provides his clients with expert real estate due diligence services by evaluating current and past property uses and conditions, and identifying potential risks, liabilities, and constraints associated with the property’s current and potential future uses. Chemmie is also a NJ-Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, and is the Due Diligence and Development Consultant at Wolf Commercial Real Estate.

Chemmie holds a B.S. in Environmental Science, a M.S. in Environmental Management & Water Resources, and is currently completing a Master of Business Administration degree with a Real Estate concentration. Chemmie is an active member of the ASTM Committee E50 on Environmental Assessment, Risk Management, and Corrective Action, and participates in several ASTM Task Groups including the E1527 Phase I Task Group where he was the final editor of the E1527-21 Phase I ESA standard, and is also an ASTM International-certified instructor. | 973.363.9500

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