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Due Diligence Consulting 

"It's an investment, not a product"

Due diligence assessments are not commodity products - they’re an investment in your future, and are valuable tools for you to use to reduce your potential liabilities and effectively maximize your real estate investments.


We evaluate former and current property operations and activities, and identify potential liabilities, constraints, and opportunities for capital maximization associated with a property’s existing and potential future uses.

Your goals are unique, and so are you – let’s design your tailor-made due diligence package together.


A brochure regarding our due diligence services is available for download.


Not sure what services you need?  Check out our helpful decision tree matrix.    

What are your objectives?

What you might want:

What you might need:

Purchase / Invest

  • Knowledge of site property

  • Knowledge of site building(s)/ structure(s)

  • Innocent purchaser protection

  • ASTM Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

  • Preliminary Assessment Report

  • Asbestos/Lead-Based-Paint/PCB Survey

  • Radon Survey

  • Property Condition Assessment

  • Engineering Assessment including electrical; civil; plumbing; structural; and mechanical

  • Limited/comprehensive environmental assessment and sampling investigation 

Environmental Due Diligence 

The FalconRE Group offers all types of environmental due diligence packages and services to suit every client’s need, budget, and objective:


Building Due Diligence 

The FalconRE Group works with engineering partners to offer many building due diligence services such as:


  • Property Condition Assessments (PCAs);

  • Engineering Assessments including: Electrical; Mechanical; Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning; Plumbing; Structural Framing and Building Envelope; and Roof

  • Fire Protection and Safety;

  • Energy Efficiency and Management Audits;

  • Compliance Assessments; and

  • Architectural Coordination such as building construction; health and safety; and ADA accessibility.

Land Use Due Diligence 

The FalconRE Group works with engineering partners to offer many land use due diligence services such as:


  • Sourcing of Development Opportunities;

  • Site Feasibility and Constraints Reviews;

  • Conceptual Site Plan and Design;

  • Ordinance and Compliance Reviews;

  • Drainage assessments;

  • Wetland Assessments;

  • Zoning Reviews; and

  • Regulatory Reviews.

Financial Due Diligence 

The FalconRE Group works with due diligence and finance partners to offer many financial due diligence services such as:


  • Basic and Comprehensive Underwriting Analyses;

  • Rent Analyses and Assessments;

  • Financial Reviews;

  • Government Incentive Evaluations;

  • Development Design Reviews;

  • Trend Analyses;

  • Project Cost Estimate and Budgeting; and

  • Offering Memoranda Preparation.

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