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Regulations change, standards are updated, and new laws and amendments come into effect.  Performing due diligence assessments that are not consistent with current industry standards, or relying on outdated data and reports may not give you the legal protections you need.  Worse still, it may give you a false sense of security, resulting in potentially risky business decisions and costly liability.

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Previous and Upcoming Classes and Presentations

“Due Diligence in New Jersey”
 - Sponsored by the Licensed Site Remediation Professional Association
 - Approved for 7 Continuing Education Credits for LSRPs (including 3.5 Regulatory CECs and 3.5 Technical CECs); 8.2 Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits for attorneys; and 2 Continuing Professional Competency (CPC) credits for Professional Engineers.
 - Offered biannually since 2015

Presented by the LSRPA bi-annually since 2015

“Real Estate Environmental Due Diligence”
  - 1-hour class approved for New Jersey and Pennsylvania Continuing Legal Education credits
  - Offered upon request since 2018


“Phase I ESAs vs. Preliminary Assessments”
  - City College of New York - in conjunction with the Brownfield Coalition of the Northeast (BCONE)

November 2020

"Environmental Consulting - Real Estate Due Diligence“
  - Bruriah High School, Elizabeth, NJ

Annually since 2016

“Why Real Estate Purchasing, Construction, Development, and Operation Requires Adequate Due Diligence”
  - Orthodox Jewish Builders Association Expo, Secaucus, NJ

May & November 2018 – 2019

“Environmental, Building, and Property Due Diligence: Look Before You Leap”
  - Construction Round Table

February 2018

“Are You at Risk? Health, Safety & Environmental Issues Facing the People & Places in Your Community"
  - League of Municipalities Expo

November 2017