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— David Flamholz, Esq., Senior Associate at Rubin & Dombeck, LLC

"I have worked with Chemmie on several projects together and can say, first-hand, that his knowledge and expertise really stand out.  You can tell that he is someone who loves and really understands his craft and is always able to explain and advise clients on all aspects of their environmental due diligence in a clear and relatable fashion.  I have also attended more than one of his educational seminars geared towards attorneys and always walk away learning something new.  Chemmie is at the top of my list when clients are seeking an environmental expert.  I look forward to having the opportunity to work with the FalconRE Group in the near future"

We are, above everything, our clients' advocate as they navigate the due diligence process.  We’re proud to work with both small and large firms, buyers and sellers, investors and developers, attorneys and brokers, operators and renters. 


Whether the property is commercial, industrial, manufacturing, retail, or multi-family, we have the industry knowledge, experience, and collaborative team to provide the necessary products and services to best support your needs, and help you navigate your real estate transaction to reach and ideally surpass your goals and expectations.


We are proud to work with all types and sizes of firms with whatever due diligence support services they need.


It’s not about the size or type of client or property – it’s about appreciating the unique nature of each, and having the experience to offer creative and tailor-made solutions, and work effectively and flexibly with each client, every time.


It’s about knowing that, for every client, each transaction is tremendously important, and each requires absolute attention and dedicated responsiveness. 


We’re here to assist you, guide you, and advise you.  We’re here for you, when you need us!

Let us know how we can help you!

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