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Our Mission

Uncovering the past, evaluating our present, safeguarding your future

We provide you the peace of mind you want, and the necessary tools you can use, to make informed and wise business decisions regarding your commercial and industrial real estate transactions and operations.


We provide expert real estate due diligence services by evaluating current and past property uses and conditions, and identifying potential risks, liabilities, and constraints, as well as potential opportunities for capital maximization, associated with a property’s current and potential future uses. 


FalconRE Group believes that the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts, and, by partnering with a strong team of varied practitioners who are each expert in their respective fields, we deliver a comprehensive range of high-quality services that are best suited to our clients.


The FalconRE Group is proud to support and consult with other environmental, engineering, and related real estate service firms regarding their due diligence needs.

With a commitment to excellence, dedication to each client and assessment, and a custom-designed consulting team for each project, we give you the quality you expect, the choices you’d like, and the answers you need.

Assess your risk

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