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US and NJ Due Diligence

Comprehensive commercial real estate due diligence in general, and environmental due diligence in particular, can be complex and nuanced, and the value of working with an experienced advisor is often immeasurable. This is true in every state, and is particularly the case in New Jersey with its own unique laws, regulations, requirements, and guidance documents.


With a thorough understanding of federal requirements, and a knowledgeable and practiced New Jersey focus, the FalconRE Group offers services and guidance for a comprehensive range of due diligence and business needs.  By collaborating with a strong team of consultants, engineers, scientists, and attorneys, we offer each client the tailor-made support they need.


Our team has conducted well over 1,000 due diligence projects including Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I ESAs), New Jersey Preliminary Assessments (PAs), and environmental inspections and reviews.  We’ve assessed a diverse array of sites, from smaller residential and retail properties, to large portfolio projects, and larger and more complex industrial, commercial, and manufacturing facilities.


Our team has also managed Site Investigation/Phase II sampling and delineation activities; underground storage tank (UST) removals; indoor air assessments including mold, radon, asbestos, and lead-based paint; construction and geotechnical projects; and soil and groundwater remediation projects. 


Our team has prepared multiple due diligence report and document templates for environmental companies throughout the U.S. 

Dedication to Your Project

Each property is unique, each transaction has specific requirements, and the FalconRE Group understands the careful balance between risk mitigation, cost and time minimization, and transaction execution. 


We understand that each and every real estate transaction or assessment is important to you, and each is therefore equally important to us.  We are dedicated to supporting you with high quality and timely assessments, exceptional service, and consistently responsive communication.


We’re here for you every step of the way!

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