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The FalconRE Group

Due Diligence with Distinction

Uncovering the past, evaluating our present, safeguarding your future

The FalconRE Group provides expert environmental due diligence services to support:

  • Commercial and industrial real estate transactions by identifying potential risks, liabilities, and cost-saving opportunities.

  • Environmental, engineering, and related real estate service firms to help them realize premium due diligence opportunities and increased revenue, while reducing costs and liability, and bringing extra value to their clients.

With a thorough understanding of federal requirements, and a knowledgeable and practiced New Jersey focus, the FalconRE Group offers services and guidance for a comprehensive range of due diligence and business needs.  

What are your objectives?

What you might want:

What you might need:

Purchase / Invest

  • Knowledge of site property

  • Knowledge of site building(s)/ structure(s)

  • Innocent purchaser protection

  • ASTM Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

  • Preliminary Assessment Report

  • Asbestos/Lead-Based-Paint/PCB Survey

  • Radon Survey

  • Property Condition Assessment

  • Engineering Assessment including electrical; civil; plumbing; structural; and mechanical

  • Limited/comprehensive environmental assessment and sampling investigation 

The Fox and the Goat

A fox fell into a well, and, though the pit was not very deep, he found that he could not get out again.  After he had been in the well a long time, a thirsty goat came by.  The goat thought the fox had gone down to drink, and so he asked if the water was good.

"The finest in the whole country," said the crafty fox, "jump in and try it.  There is more than enough for both of us."

The thirsty goat immediately jumped in and began to drink.  The fox just as quickly jumped on the goat's back and leaped from the tip of the goat's horns out of the well.

The terrified goat now saw what a plight he had got into, and begged the fox to help him out.  But the fox was already on his way to the woods.

"If you had as much sense as you have beard, old fellow," he said as he ran, "you would have been more cautious about finding a way to get out again before you jumped in."

The moral of the story: Look before you leap

Was Aesop, of the famed Aesop’s Fables, an early due diligence specialist?  

Much like Aesop, the FalconRE Group is dedicated to:

Helping protect our clients from unexpected surprises

before those surprises became headaches;

Helping our clients reduce their potential liabilities

before those liabilities become their financial burdens; and

Giving our clients the tools to effectively maximize their real estate investments

before those options are no longer available to them.

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Maple Shade, NJ 08052


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